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Google Glass Banned from Strip Clubs


073012-news-tampa-strip-clubs-1-ss-662w-at-1xWhen preparing for a great night out on the Las Vegas strip, leave the Google Glass at home if you plan on visiting Sapphires Gentlemen’s Club. NBC News reports that clubs are now prohibiting patrons from wearing the mobile computer wearable gadget, because the tiny cameras allow for covert video and photo recording.

Peter Feinstein, the managing partner of Sapphires Gentlemen’s Club, told NBC that his upstanding establishment already prohibits sneaky clubgoers from taking pictures on their cellphones. Since Glass contains a recording device, it’s no exception. Security officials are asking people to check-in the geeky headgear. If they refuse to do so, it’s going to be an early night.

“If they don’t want to check it, we’d be happy to give them a limo ride back to their hotel,” Feinstein said.

April 10, 2013 |

Sapphire Strip Club Opens Adult Pool in Vegas


xxx-dd-cover_las-vegas_sapphire-strip-club-4_3_r536_c534Sapphires is making waves in Vegas this spring and summer. Self acclaimed largest club in the world is now announcing a “adults only pool”. The Las Vegas Advisor states that the women who take off their tops must wear pasties as a requirement.

In sapphire’s press release they state the day club will be a “multi level state of the art three tier pool utopia that can comfortably accommodate over 700 party goers”. Some features and amenities include mens and womens locker rooms, rich natural woods, italian tiles, plush fabrics and quality finishes that will pamper each guest with privileged comfort; two hot tubs, VIP cabanas, day beds, lounge chairs, a live DJ, entertainment stage, pool concierge and a retail section for branded clothing.

January 13, 2013 |

Andrew Bynum visits the Penthouse Gentlemen’s Club


Andrew Bynum at the Penthouse Gentlemen’s Club

Andrew Bynum spotted in the Penthouse Gentlemen’s Club

Bynum is clearly enjoying himself in Philadelphia, doing everything other than basketball :) The Penthouse strip club is known as one of the city’s best gentlemen’s clubs.The picture leaked on the internet after the dancer named Rachel posted the picture to her personal instagram.

December 26, 2012 |

Shooting at Crush Gentlemen’s Club Force Closings


Crush Gentlemen’s Club, located at 3722 River Drive, Columbia, South Carolina was forced to be shut down by the Solicitor’s Office because of recent shootings.

Assistant Solicitor Jimmy Richardson has stated that “The club is now officially closed after we have determined it is a public nuisance,” A public nuisance has to have criminal connections which police have been tracking any crime brewing at the location for months. The last shooting approximately two weeks ago also led to fighting in the Emergency Room, locking down the hospital for the rest of the day.

Richardson also states: “Right now we have a priority to make the area safe. The landowners can decide to re-open as a different club, under a different name, with different owners,” Hinting at a possibility that the club won’t be able to reopen as a strip club or to sell alcohol. “Some strip clubs are grand fathered in to certain zones. If it is determined that this building is in a zone that no longer allows a gentlemen’s club, they will not be able to re-open as one,” explains Mr. Richardson. They will also be looking into if the club building is too close to the church located behind it. If it is, and it re-opens, the establishment will not be able to sell alcohol. “Businesses cannot sell alcohol when it is in proximity to certain buildings, such as churches and schools. If they are opened before the church moves nearby, they can continue to sell alcohol. But, in this case, where a business is being shut down, they will not be able to re-open and obtain their liquor license if that is the case,” explains Mr. Richardson.

The Solicitor’s Office says they have at least 6-7 public nuisance cases per year, but want to increase that number. “Shutting a business down, taking away property, that hurts someone more. Too many people are willing to serve jail time or pay a fine, but once you start taking property away from them is when their conduct starts to change,” explains Mr. Richardson.


December 18, 2012 |